Wet Mare/Orphan Foal Register

Throughout the 2015/16 breeding season we would like to offer this portal as a means of people finding potential matches for wet mares & orphan foals.

If you have a wet mare available or an orphan foal looking for a surrogate, please enter your details via the form below.

All submissions will be posted below and will be removed one week after foaling unless otherwise advised.

Please email info@hrv.org.au when you wish to have your submission removed.

NOTE that this is a national database and the information will be provided as a message service only. HRV will not be responsible for matching mares and foals – it is up to the individual to make contact with the appropriate other party.

Wishing everyone a safe and happy breeding season.


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Wet Mares

Linda or Kristy Watkins
Dardanup, Western Australia
Wet mare 3/10/2016
0409 281 323


Geelong, Victoria
Wet mare 9/10/2016
?0408 540 299

Orphan Foals