Harness Racing Advisory Council

The Harness Racing Advisory Council (HRAC) is a body established under section 44B of the Racing Act 1958, in accordance with the Racing Amendment Bill 2015.

The function of the HRAC is to advise the Harness Racing Victoria (HRV) Board on matters concerning harness racing and facilitate consultation between the Board and harness racing participants.

Members are appointed for their individual expertise and/or to represent industry organisations.  In all cases, members are required to have an ‘industry first’ focus.

The HRAC consists of the following members who are appointed for a two year term.


Elizabeth Clarke - Chair/HRV Board)

Danny Frawley - HRV Board

Peter Watkinson - alternate HRV Board)

Terry Lewis - Harness Breeders Victoria

Michael Taranto - Victorian Square Trotters Association

Lance Justice - Victorian Trainers & Drivers Association

Paul James - Association of Vic Country Harness Racing Clubs

Carol Bass - Victorian Harness Racing Sports Club

Maxine Brain

Grant Campbell

Terry Suhan

Clinton Welsh


The HRAC has a Charter, approved by the HRV Board.  To view the Charter click here.