Minimum Bet Limit Complaint Form

Customers / Punters who believe that a wagering operator has wrongfully refused their bet or excluded them in contravention of the minimum bet limit condition should contact the wagering operator to ascertain the reason for the refusal or exclusion. If the punter remains unsatisfied with the reason provided by the wagering operator, they will be directed to lodge a formal complaint and details of the bet with Harness Racing Victoria via this online form within 14 days of the refused bet.

HRV cannot accept your complaint if all the details below are not completed in full. We will contact you within 7 business days to acknowledge receipt of your complaint.

For details of HRV's Minimum Bet Liability Limit Policy , please click here.


Please Note: Any submissions via this form must be completed within an hour of loading this page.

Personal Details

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Betting Complaint Details

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Bet Details (if complaint relates to a refusal to accept a fixed odds bet)

Date of Race
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Time the bet was attempted to be placed with the wagering operator
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Acknowledgements & Agreement

I acknowledge & agree that:

I have read the HRV Minimum Bet Limit Policy & FAQ
The approved WSP has not complied with the bet limits, and I have not breached any of the exclusions as outlined in the HRV Minimum Bet Policy
The approved WSP has not previously refused to accept a Relevant Fixed Odds Bet from me, establish an account or place restrictions on me
HRV may provide any relevant information provided by the Complainant to approved WSP's
The HRV Minimum Bet Limit process will be strictly adhered to and any determination by HRV is binding and final